Parkin’s Moss, Muir of Dinnet
Parkin’s Moss, Muir of Dinnet

Parkin’s Moss, Muir of Dinnet

This is one of my favourite walks, although I prefer it when my mum runs with me, but she hasn’t done that for a while. It’s part of the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve, which has a few great walks, and I’ll tell you about the others soon.

You park at the Burn O’Vat visitor centre and cross the road and follow the dragonfly signs.

Parkin's Moss trail in deeside, Aberdeenshire
Follow the dragonfly signs

The walk is 3km long, which can take us up to an hour if I stop to sniff all the exciting smells. It takes about 20 minutes if we run it, but that’s missing out the wooden walkway across the moss (that means bog) because mum doesn’t like it when I jump in the mud. I love it when we do get to go on the wooden walkway because it makes a funny noise when I scamper along. Mum always stops to take photos and that’s my chance to jump off the edge and get wet when she’s not looking!

Parkin's Moss

There’s a pretty bridge that I get to stop at and have a little paddle and a drink.

Muir of Dinnet walk, Aberdeenshire

In the summer I need to stay on the lead in case I frighten the nesting birds… as if!